Tips to follow for creating great social media marketing campaign

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Social media marketing campaigns are a great way to kick-start your business or give your struggling business that boosts it so deserves. The best SEO Companies in Kerala are masters of brilliant Social Media Marketing Campaign. They can help you create an online presence and increase engagements efficiently by various methods. The chief among them is the above-mentioned social media marketing campaigns.

Converse with your SEO Company to put forward your ideas and work with them actively to create the perfect social media marketing campaign.

Here are a few tips to follow while making a campaign:

· Use existing platforms: Existing platforms like Instagram and Facebook have huge numbers in the following. Thus it is best to leverage these platforms by including popular Instagram influencers to draw in sizeable crowds and creating an Instagram page where you can upload posts related to the campaign regularly.

· Experiment with new and unique ways: Most of you must have seen the campaign Lays India undertook by printing people’s faces on their lays packets. This created a surge in the brand’s popularity and lays became the talk of the town.

· Engage the audience: Respond to people’s comments on your campaign post and get them involved actively with your campaign. Yet another way to boost your brand is to come up with unique emojis that the crowd can repost and tag.

· Tap into buzzing topics: In the recent past we saw Social Media campaigns centred on Bernie Sanders taking over the internet. The Kerala Tourism board noted this opportunity and used the trend to engage the audience actively and make Kerala tourism a talking point.

· Make Videos to give the audience a live experience: Numbers show that video experiences where a host actively interacts with the audience, explaining each detail to them, garners more attention and engagement than campaigns without videos.

· Get Creative: The ad of “Hungry? Grab a Snickers” is the global tagline of Snickers. Most ads and campaigns of snickers focus around the tagline. The ad displaying the craziness of hunger and how snickers can solve it is a unique idea that made snickers appeal globally.

Campaigns such as these are complex and require the best minds to pull off. When done right, it can boost engagement while it can fall flat when done incorrectly.

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