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How to Run Successful Ads on Sharechat?

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With 250 million+ monthly active users and available in 15 regional languages, Indian social media platform ShareChat Ads is booming to become one of the greatest competitors of all time for all the other social media companies prevailing in India. 

The possibility of tapping ideal targeted consumers in their preferred language with ShareChat Ads is undoubtedly a great deal for all the Digital Marketing agencies in India. 

It widens the reachability to a large majority of people who do not speak English as their primary language in India. 

Without further ado, let’s have a look at ShareChat Ads, what are its advantages, How to run Sharechat Ads effectively etc.

When and where are ShareChat Ads preferred?

ShareChat Ads give us the freedom to set goals specifically to whether we want to spread brand awareness among the digital users in India or to increase traffic to your website! 

ShareChat enables us to tap into the untapped segment of digital consumers in India. It helps us set our goals specifically for each campaign, such as spreading awareness or to grow website traffic. 

Reference Case Study 

To understand the scenario better, we conducted a 4-days trial Ad campaign on ShareChat for one of our regional clients.

As per the data shown in the insight below,

Sharechat Ads case study

We were able to hit an unbelievable Impression of 27k+ with 0.25% CTR and 71 clicks from the right targeted audience with a spend of only 710 Indian rupees!

After comparing these results with what we used to achieve from other social media platforms, we were able to reach a conclusion that ShareChat allows us to drive equal results with at least 20% less investment compared to other platforms. 

Why Does Your Business in India Need Sharechat Ads?

ShareChat is one of the best marketing and advertising channels for brands to reach regional consumers in India without having to hustle much.

Since a large segment of the Indian population still prefers their regional language over English, Sharechat is the best place to find them and communicate with them in your brand persona!

What Are the Advantages of Sharechat Ads?

  1. Best for Indian Market 

ShareChat helps you reach 250 million+ monthly active users in their 15 regional Indian languages. 

It truly is the best medium to strengthen customer relationships and create a sense of belonging with your Indian consumers by communicating in the same language as them. 

  1. Growing Rapidly

The rural population of India has crossed 68.8% of the current total population! People in these areas prefer their native language over English, and ShareChat truly serves this purpose for them! The App was founded in 2015 and has never stopped growing ever since!

  1. Target Specifically 

ShareChat provides diverse options to target your consumers in addition to their regional language. This includes their demographics, content preference, device, internet search history, app usage etc.

  1. Multiple Goals

ShareChat allows you to set multiple goals for your campaigns. Whether your goal is to spread brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, conversion or lead generation, ShareChat has got you covered. 

  1. Quick and Easy Setup

ShareChat has a very user-friendly interface giving you the best user experience. The setting up process is easy and can be followed without any hustle. 

  1. Customizable CTA
Sharechat Ads CTA

Another important feature that makes ShareChat unique is the ability to customize call-to-action buttons. Unlike most of the other platforms, you can change the CTA text, text colour, background colour etc, on ShareChat. 

  1. Campaign Insights 

ShareChat helps you gain valuable insight after every campaign you run to help you understand the audience reaction and measure the ROI of your Ad campaign. 

7 Easy Steps to Launch Sharechat Ads

We have broken down everything you need to follow for running your Ad on ShareChat into 8 easy steps

Here are they:

  1. Set up a ShareChat Ad account

The first and foremost thing to do before running an Ad on ShareChat is to Create an Account on Ads Manager.

(Click on create a campaign for new

With an Ad Account, you can create new campaigns, manage the ongoing campaigns or transfer cash to your Ads wallet.

  1. Lay Down the Campaign Goal 
Sharechat Ads  Campaign Goal 

The next step is to figure out what is the ultimate goal of your campaign from the 3 available options:

(Enter campaign title and select one from goal selection)

  • Brand Awareness

To spread the word about your product or service to promote interest.

  • Consideration 

To drive traffic or seek the attention of your consumers to visit your product or service via a page.

  • Conversion 

With the aim to make the product or service sell through lead generation.  

  1. Choose the Format for Your Ads

ShareChat allows you to display your Ads in 3 different layouts. 

sharechat Ads format

(Select an Ad placement)

  • Native In-Feed Ads – displayed on the main feed.
  • Full-Screen Video Ads – video Ads on trending or suggested videos.
  • Exit Interstitial Ads – Ads appearing while a user exists the App.
  1. Schedule Campaign and Fix Budget 

Select the range of starting and ending dates for your Ad campaign. After that, choose the pricing model to set a limit on your spending capacity for this campaign. 

share chat Schedule Campaign and Fix Budget 

(Choose Cost per 1000 impressions or Cost per Click)

  1. Pick up Targeting Options 
sharechat targeting

Followed by setting dates and budget comes picking the right targeting options to optimize your Ad campaign. 

ShareChat allows setting the targeting options based on the following:

  • Age and Gender
  • Location
  • Device and Operator
  • Internet consumption
  • Online search Interests

With the option, you can target the audience with one or more of the above attributes together based on what you aim for!

Setting the rotation and occurrence for your

Ads come next! It can be set to either Evenly or Click Performance. In addition, you can set the frequency capping per user for days, weeks, or a lifetime! 

  1. Go Creatives 

Set the language attribution and upload creative files (images and videos) in the right specification as mentioned below:

Image Specifications for ShareChat Ads:

Width 500px to 1080px
Height:                 500px to 1080px
Aspect Ratio:       1:1
Max Size:              250 KB
Image Specifications

Video Specifications for ShareChat Ads:

Max Width:              1920px
Max Height:             1920px
Aspect Ratio:           9:16, 16:9 or 3:4
Max Size:                  20 MB
Video Specifications

You are almost thereafter adding creatives, setting the targeted URL and assigning the preferred CTA!

  1. Start the campaign 

Make sure all the above steps are completed without fail, and click the submit button to get the Ad campaign started on ShareChat.

The Ad will go live after being reviewed by the ShareChat team for the quality check!


ShareChat, with access to an ever-growing 250 million+ monthly active users speaking in 15 different regional languages, is the pre-eminent way to advertise your business services or products in India successfully. 


How many days prior to the start of the campaign should I share my advertisement on ShareChat Ads?

It is ideal to share your creative advertisement on ShareChat Ads at least 2 days prior to the start of the campaign. 48 hours is the estimated time taken for reviewing your Ad before making it live. 

Is it expensive to advertise on ShareChat?

Compared to other prevailing social media platforms, ShareChat is found economical. It can be set to either cost per thousand impressions or based on the number clicks you receive. Either way it will be depending on the performance of your campaign. 

Can I target my audience demographically on ShareChat?

Yes. It is possible to target audience demographics on ShareChat based on their Age, gender, location etc.

What are the main features of ShareChat App?

The App offers features such as private messaging, tagging and enabling users to share creative contents in image and video formats to connect with their communities.

Is ShareChat Ads available outside India?

Yes. It is available outside India in 15 different Indian regional languages. You can use ShareChat to target Indians outside India speaking the regional language. 

Which are the different languages available on ShareChat?

Assamese, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Haryanvi, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Odia, Punjabi, Rajasthani, Tamil, Telugu and English.