How to go live on Instagram from PC and present a ppt, live?

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Having difficulty to go live on Instagram from your computer?

Tired of looking at your small phone screen while going live?

I have found a wonderful method to go live on Instagram from our computers. As a social media strategist and a passionate entrepreneur who runs an SEM Services Company, I am always on the prowl for the latest developments on social media, to share with my followers.

Most of us who go live on Instagram often know the pain of handling a live on our phones and the difficulty in selecting options, settings, etc.

Unlike most other platforms, Instagram is primarily optimized only for mobile screens due to which going live directly from the camera attached to our PC’s is not possible. Though a lot of 3rd party apps and software come out with the promise of making this possible, most of them are not trustable a 100% of the time… Until now!

Months of trial and error by me and my team using various avenues has finally yielded an excellent result, and we believe we have found just the way to leverage this software to go live on Instagram.

So to the most important question now…

How to go live from our computers?

Streamon… You will not believe how easy it is to use and will curse yourself for not knowing about it earlier.


· Download Streamon:

1. Download the Streamon software to your computer and log into your Instagram account from the software.

2. Note down the 2 codes you receive immediately after login.


· Download OBS Studio:

1. Download the OBS studio software and set it up on your computer. OBS Studio helps in starting your stream, recording your stream, and presenting Power-point slides, images, and slides.

2. Click on Studio Settings and type in the codes you received from Streamon in the blanks given here.


· Go live on Streamon


· Click start stream in OBS Studio.

That’s it!

You are live on Instagram from your computers now. The magic fix you’ve been seeking for so long finally at your fingertips.

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