How to get clients on Instagram in 2021?

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As the CEO of one of the foremost Kerala’s favourite digital marketing agency, I often ask my clients

Do you want to improve your sales and reach a wider audience?

If your answer to this question is yes, then ask yourself, “ Am I reaching my maximum potential customers? Have I marketed my services/products to the maximum people on the biggest platform of Instagram?”

The answer to this question will answer the earlier question above.

It is important to leverage the endless possibilities of Instagram to boost your sales and social media presence. As per the research published by Bloomberg, it was found that 80% of all sales happens through Instagram stories and direct messages. It is therefore of the most significance to pay attention to these niches within Instagram to boost your sales.

So here is a fantastic way to get clients on Instagram and boost your dream into practicality.

DM: Most people don’t realise the power of Dm’s. Imagine you are a painter in search of clients, what is your easiest course of action? It is not practically possible to find people who are building homes but it sure is possible to connect with Interior designers who are looking to source paintings for their clients. Message them and convey your wish to work with people like them who are incredibly talented. Keep knocking on multiple doors, until one opens and contracts you for work. This can open up a world of opportunities for your product.

Another such example is if your product can be used directly for elevating the presence and feel of another product.

Imagine if you have a product for a car or a bike, that can improve its look or performance. You should find a vehicle enthusiast and get in contact with them to persuade them to buy your product. You can do this in a variety of ways. Comment on their posts, like their posts and engage with them on their social media engagements to improve your chances of landing that client. Then proceed to directly message them with your product and ask them,

” Would you be interested in something like this?” 

This has been shown to significantly improve your chances and has helped thousands of people find clients for their products.

Interested in boosting your social media presence and reach a wider audience, with more such tips?

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