How to find your passion?

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One of the most important life lessons that I learnt from my life is that people are everything in our life. The people that surround us, we are friends with, people who help us grow are the most important assets that we can invest in. 

That is exactly what has helped me grow into one of Kerala’s favourite digital marketer. Skills don’t matter, where we are from does not matter, so long as we are passionate!

Being stuck in a job that we don’t love is one of the worst experiences for everybody involved. It is better to quit and find a passion that excites us! That does not bore us! All that we feel that we lack in the skills department can be more than made-up with passion. Passion drives us, encourages us, and pushes us to up our skills.

Let me tell you a story of the barber who was bored with his work and chose to change it up.

A barber was quite bored with cutting hair over and over again. He pondered long and hard about what would excite him, what he wanted to do with his life. After a long time of going back and forth, reading books, watching talk shows etc. he finally decided to record videos of the haircuts. He started enjoying it more than he thought possible and eventually his career as a hairstylist was only to support his main career as a video maker. 

The barber had finally found his passion!

It is important to take life lessons from the barber’s life. He turned from working to not having to work a single day, as he started doing the thing he loved the most.

Want to know how to find your passion?

  • Be in the right mindset: It is important to be in the right perspective. Be open to change. It is important to explore and be open to the fact that you can find a career that is right for you. This is possible by being with people who support you and are there for you.
  • Find your peak: Think about all the experiences in your life that you enjoyed the most. Try and find what made that experience great and extract the important points there to find the right career choice the experience can translate to.
  • Be realistic: Now that you have found an experience that excites you, it is important to check if that can be converted into a profitable career. Understand how you can make your skills employable and add skills that can help you in your journey.
  • Be committed: Do not expect success right away. You may fail and lose your footing multiple times. It is important to persevere and work through the hardships to reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

I hope these tips can help you find the right career for you and turn your life into an extravagant one.

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I, Haris Aboobacker is a social media strategist and Instagram expert who worked very hard to find my passion and make my dreams a reality. It was only through hard work and an unending quench for success that I was able to become one of the Kerala’s favourite digital marketing agency

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