How to create a Google Card?

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How to create a Google Card?

I have always been asked about the best ways to publish our contact details to increase our marketability and make an impression on our clientele. My answer till now was Business Cards.

For the longest time, we have been used to printing 100s or 1000s of business cards for ease of advertising our contact details. 

Physical cards are cumbersome and easy to misplace rendering our efforts in printing cards useless. It is important to find and move on to newer ways of publication of our contact details in this digital age.

Google has come out exactly with what the doctor ordered, with a new feature of E-Cards/ Google Cards. This will improve our chances of being remembered and provide a platform for our services by directly being available on the click of a single button on Google.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how to create a Google card and increase our digital presence:

  • Search for yourself by entering, ”Add me to Google” on google. You will be directed to a page where there will be a Get Started link. Click on it.
  • The next page will comprise of 
  1. Name: Fill in your full professional name in the Name box. Make sure this name is the same as that in your social media profiles.
  2. Location: Give the town/city you are based out of and the State you reside in, in your country.
  3. About: This is a very important bit and should comprise of your profession, how you do it and what separates you from the rest as well as your best talents. Make sure to not make it too long or boring as it should always be condensed.
  4. Occupation: Give one line, direct to the point answer to your Occupation.
  5. Education:  Your educational details and your qualifications go in this. Make sure to include your degrees and certifications that add to the current profession.
  6. Hometown: The town you are from and was born in.
  7. Website: This is a very important column, Make sure that you have all of your best works and skills as well as your previous experience and big clients, as this can give you a good boost. Enter your website that hosts the above points in this column.
  8. Social Profile: Perhaps the most important of all, these profiles are the easiest ways to get a hold of you and make sure that the most active profiles you are on such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. go on here.
  9. Email: Give your professional Email Id here so that people can either mail in their queries or send in professional letters for quotations etc.
  10. Phone Number: This is the most important among all as a person is most likely to call you directly and hand your projects. Make sure to give a number that is always available and you can get back to them on.

These are the important points to take care of while making a Google Card for yourself. Make sure to highlight your most gravitative points and create the best card that separates you from the rest of the noise.

Don’t wait. Start going digital and feel the difference today!

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