How display Advertising beneficial for the Instagram channel?

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Advertisements are one of the best ways for brands and individuals to gain traction on Instagram, and a source of monetary income for Instagrammers. The best SEO companies in Kerala leverage the platform to boost engagement and generate leads through advertising Instagram pages and profiles.

Have you wanted to grow your small business? Do you dream of better sales and likes for your channel?

You are exactly in the right place. In my career as a Social Media Strategist and Instagram expert, I often come across many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to grow the number of followers organically and make a living source on Instagram.

Today, I am here to make your dreams come true. Let us look at a few ways in which you can grow your Instagram page, and how advertisements with the help of SEO experts can be beneficial to you.

· Cost: Costs of Instagram ads vary depending upon targeting, ad placement, ad format, time of the year. Our team found the average cost per click to be $1.2. Set a weekly or monthly limit for expenses and stick to it. Better spending ensures better reach for your page.

· Use Instagram stories: Instagram stories that call for action, Links to visit your page, Sign up to a newsletter and subscription etc. have a higher chance for engagement

· Use photo and video ads: Posting short videos or photos of post on your page as advertisements can give people a peek into your profiles and make them visit the page. Photo ads allow brands to showcase products and services through compelling images.

· Carousel ads: Most of us must have stopped scrolling and swiped horizontally on carousel ads to see the photos of 3 or 4 products successively. The subconscious “want” of the human brain is leveraged here to push the advertisements.

· Instagram explore ads: Instagram’s explore feature is used by millions of people to find the product they are looking for. The ads appear after someone clicks on a photo or video from Explore and do not appear as topic channels.

These innovative ways of advertising your products and your page on Instagram will bring in hundreds and thousands of people organically into your Instagram account and help in growing the number of followers and generate an added source of Income.

Make sure that you customize and curate your content to the liking of the people to attract maximum following.

Confused? Have trouble maximizing your potential?

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