How Clubhouse Can Help in Your Business Growth, and Brand sales

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clubhouse tools for business growth digital marketing and brand sales

Clubhouse is a social media platform that has become the talk of the town. In a brief while, it has become a sensation in India with celebrities among the likes of Tanmay Bhat and Amitabh Bachan, often seen in rooms or as speakers on a topic.

Clubhouse was a relatively small startup that was founded by Rohan Seth and Paul Davison in May 2020. Initially an IOS-only app, it has now opened up to Android users in the form of a beta version. Everyone, from the common folk to digital marketers has been scrambling for a taste of this groundbreaking app. Everything from business growth, sales of products, and DIY is trending on the app. 

The app has garnered so much interest that Silicon Valley has given it a 100 million dollar valuation while also being able to raise 12 million dollars in investment from Andreesen Horowitz. 

In this post, I discuss 5 reasons why you ought to be on the platform and what makes it so special. 

5 Ways Clubhouse Benefits Digital Marketing, Business Growth, And Brand Sales. 

  1. Receive important customer feedback and business growth hacks from users

We see the founders of Clubhouse often peek in, and ask about the experience and take valuable feedback. Take this cue and ask for tips on how better customers would like to see ads, business growth ideas while using this information to boost sales. 

  1. Understand trends and news in the digital marketing industry 

Clubhouse is essentially an audiobook that gives you so much information, and all of us know information is the priciest thing to source, don’t we? Follow Industry leaders, your competition, and international talks on your topics, helping you in boosting business growth and sales, along with assessing audience sentiment. 

  1. Connect with potential clients or investors.

Investors and clients are the largest support structures in setting up a business and achieving sales. Are you looking for a round of funding or an increasing customer base? Then Clubhouse might just be for you! 

This is a unique idea to pitch your USP, and gain the trust of your listeners all the while engaging them and captivating them. You can either do this by creating a room yourself, or by joining a room that caters to your niche and detailing your business and future outlook. 

A single investor or mega client could be the turning point in boosting the business growth in your digital marketing journey!

  1. Build a digital marketing community. 

Clubhouse can effectively create a nurturing community for all your digital marketing needs. This community can consist of your clients, your competition, common folks, and investors from across the world, helping you pick up excellent tips to boost your business growth and sales. By creating a community, you give yourself authenticity and establish yourself as an industry expert. 

  1. Issue Announcements and updates. 

Clubhouse is effective in reaching people and informing them of all your company announcements or updates. Have a giveaway coming up? Bagged a major client? Pioneered a breakthrough in boosting business growth?

Now inform your community on Clubhouse and in chat rooms, to raise the quality of your company in others’ eyes and gather ideas to further polish an existing update and boost your digital marketing game.  

Clubhouse is an interesting take on social media, with only your oral and aural skills in play. This helps in boosting confidence and the invite-only exclusivity gives you a chance to be in the company of prominent members of not just the digital marketing community. 

Use the platform wisely, and you may find your biggest breakthrough in your brand from this never before seen platform! Reach out to users and streamline your business growth, while giving a much-needed boost to your sales.

Do you find Clubhouse to be the next big thing in your digital marketing journey? Tell us how these apps helped in your business journey, in the comments section below

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