Best ideas to promote your website the digital way

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Websites are one of the best ways to market your products. Owning a domain increases your credibility and the faith people have on you as a brand. It is imperative to own a website in this digital age for people from all spheres of life. As a professional who runs one of the best Social Media Marketing Company in Kerala,  one of the questions that I get asked by everybody wanting to market themselves or their products is “How to promote my website?”

So here are some great ways to bring traffic to your website and promote your products.

  • Social Media: It is not enough to write or put out great content. It has to reach more people and be shared by them to their contacts. The best and easiest way to do this is by sharing it on your social media. Use Twitter for short messages, while Instagram and Facebook can be used to share descriptive messages while sharing your website.
  • Advertise: You can use paid advertisements to promote your brand and your website either through T.V channels, YouTube or Instagram/Facebook. Make sure that you are clear in your message in the ad and that your brand gets the maximum exposure.
  • Write Catchy Headlines: I cannot stress this enough. What you write in blogs or articles doesn’t matter if you cant make your headlines catchy. Hook your readers onto your website within the first few seconds as then your domain feels irresistible and potential customers browse through all of your website.
  • SEO needs to be top-notch: SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is the most underrated part of a website, yet is perhaps the most important. You always want customers to arrive at your website as soon as they type in anything even remotely close to your product. This can only be done by choosing the best words as the keywords to be optimized.
  • Use referral traffic: Try to get big websites or news portal to refer your website by way of attaching your domain through SEO. This way people who visit larger sites arrive at your doorstep in search of a product or service.
  • Interview famous personalities: People always want to hear words of wisdom from people who command fame. They are always on the lookout for any content related to their role models and what better way than interviews that will persuade people into coming in.
  • Make sure your website is gadget-friendly:  More and more people are moving onto handheld devices from computers and laptops. This means that they should get all available facilities on your website at their fingertips. Prompting them to pinch, scroll, and be redirected over and over will in fact drive traffic away.

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